Well-Being Workshops


CC Well-Being has chosen the most highly reputable, educated professionals in the chosen topic to be part of their Well-Being Workshop team.

The workshops are interactive and the presenters utilize PowerPoint presentations, but more importantly engage the attendees with visual aids, practice techniques and small group breakouts. The presenters are creative and engage attendees with real-world take-away tools they can use to improve their total well-being, whether at home or at work. The workshops can be standalone or combined in a customized series combining many modalities around a specific need.

An additional feature to enhance the experience of the workshop, is the option to offer one on one health coaching sessions to solidify the workshops learning objectives and create a wellness goal, "Where do I go from here?" and  "How do I implement what I  have learned?" The sessions can be offered at the close of the workshop, or another convenient onsite time or via telephone.