“Partnering with Cynthia in a health coaching program has been truly energizing.  Each session was formatted in a manner that gently pushed me to look within myself, build upon my strengths, and step outside my comfort zone.  Cynthia’s approach was always professional, well prepared, encouraging, and thought provoking.  Her ability to sincerely listen made our calls personal, and I was able to share my ideas openly and honestly. Together, we would brainstorm strategies for achieving my wellness goals, and as my confidence grew with each session, I felt inspired to grow more.  The lessons I have learned, and will continue to learn, provide me with skills to enhance my wellness in several areas of my life.  I am grateful for this opportunity in a coaching program with Cynthia.  I would highly recommend it!”

Participant in Health Coaching Program

"Cynthia helps me set realistic goals to improve my health.  She provides a guiding hand and supports me as I make changes at work and in my personal life.  Cynthia keeps me accountable for my health goal and genuinely cares about my wellbeing.  Learning form Cynthia, I now feel well equipped to make healthy choices and lifestyle changes.  I appreciate her hard work and dedication to the health of myself and co-workers”.

Participant in Health Coaching Program

“Cynthia excels at working with clients to help them identify and prioritize their needs, even if they may not be certain of where to begin or where to focus. Her communication skills – verbal and written-- with all levels of management, her commitment to quality and her knowledge of integrated health management solutions - workers' compensation, disability, occupational health, wellness, safety and injury prevention are outstanding."

Program Manager/Occupational Health Services

​"Cynthia is one of the most knowledgeable, creative, and caring health and wellness professionals I know. She often goes above and beyond to create cutting edge wellness programs providing exceptional account management services. Besides her dedication to work, she is extremely active outside the office with volunteer work and was recently recognized for her work by the GMVHRA."

Registered Nurse/Health Coach

"I have worked with Cynthia in many capacities for over 20 plus years. She is professional, exceptional knowledgeable and creative in her solutions for employee health. Cynthia is an active member of her community and an active volunteer for many causes."

Business Owner