Take Your Meetings for a Walk

August 9, 2017


Do you want to add more creativity to your meetings?  Do you want your employees to be more energized and alert?


Introduce walking meetings for your one-on-one or small group meetings and be inspired by the change of scenery, the fresh air and getting some exercise. 


Here are seven reasons to make your next meeting a walking meeting:


1.  Walking meetings are more creative - Researchers at Stanford University have found people to be on average 60% more creative during a walking meeting. 


2. Walking meetings are better for you - Walking meetings get you out of your chair, they get you moving, and--if you take them outside of our building--they get you some much needed fresh air and sunlight. 


3. Walking meetings put management and workers on the same level - People are more relaxed, when they not sitting on the other side of the desk from their supervisor.  They are more apt to speak from their hearts.


4. Walking meetings improve worker energy and engagement - The Wellness & Prevention group of Johnson & Johnson revealed "after 90 days of doing [walking meetings], people felt increased amounts of energy, they felt increased focus, they felt improved engagement."


5. Walking meetings are better for communication - If you leave the distraction of cell phones, computers, phones and interruptions behind you are able to focus on the conversation more readily. 


6. Walking meetings outdoors make employees happier - Your mood and sense of well-being can be boosted significantly with as little as 5 minutes of outdoor exercise.


7. Walking meetings could save your life - Just 30 minutes of walking each day can lead to a dramatic reduction in the risk of dementia, breast and colon cancer, and heart disease.


So, next time you schedule a meeting make it a walking meeting! 



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