Customized Projects

Project-Based Initiatives - short or long term assignments driven by customer needs.

CC Well-Being is the perfect solution for any employer, benefit broker or organization seeking expert knowledge in worksite wellness to complete a special project. 


We have the ability to provide a variety of health and wellness initiatives through strategic planning and consulting. We can work independently or collaborate with executive and managerial teams to analyze the scope of the project, execute a plan and deliver the end product in a timely fashion. Some examples of projects include:


  • Development of health coaching programs for online wellness portals.

  • Development of incentive plans in accordance with the ACA.

  • Deliver customized Wellness Cultural Audits.

  • Facilitate partnerships with benefit brokers, and TPA's to deliver a comprehensive health and wellness initiative.

  • Design wellness service package as a revenue stream for occupational health providers and physician practices.